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3 Audiences: The story of a cheater

Dear Mom and Dad,
These past few months have been extremely overwhelming at school. Between track student council and all AP classes, I couldn’t keep up. Mr. Way caught me cheating on our midterm this Tuesday. I fully regret it, and I am so sorry. I might be expelled, and I am not sure what to do. I will be back in a few hours so you can have time to think about what we can do next. I hope that you both are not too mad at me. I am sorry.


One thought on “3 Audiences: The story of a cheater

  1. I really liked how you formatted each one as it really relates to how I would actually tell each audience! I can relate to the language you use in each audience: way more casual with my friends and using “text language,” and how we use different excuses as reasons to tell our parents and teachers respectively! – Chloe Lee


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