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  • What have you gained from the writing assignments you have done throughout the semester? Which assignments did you find most effective and entertaining? Why? Focus on the major papers, mini-blog assignments, free writes, and readings.  

I have gained confidence in my writing ability. For a long time, I used to think that I was never good enough. I took English classes and always did well, but never well enough to warrant my feelings for becoming a writer. What I realized working on the many different assignments for this course is it does not matter the grades you get; it is about writing about what makes you happy, and enjoying your work. For each assignment, I chose a topic that I was genuinely interested in. I was able to enjoy the assignment on a personal level outside of the writing, whether it was my rhetorical analysis on Lulu Wang’s acceptance speech or my open letter about whitewashing. The assignment that stood out to me was the visual essay. I had to ponder on what my communities were, and it was challenging to narrow it down to the three I picked. Being able to write about those I care about the most and those that have impacted my life all while using a visual element brought me a lot of joy.  

• Over the course of the semester, do you feel that your writing has improved? Why or why not? Explain. 

I feel as if I have improved in my writing and the use of rhetoric. The different assignments we were given expanded my knowledge, were enjoyable and took me out of my comfort zone. I found the open letter challenging because, for years, we are told to be biased in our research papers, but for this, it had to include our opinion. Having to completely ignore all of my past assignments help me think outside the box and bring another layer of thought to my work. 

• Do you feel that you have a better understanding of rhetoric and its importance to writing, visual representation, reading, etc.? Explain.

I have a way better understanding of rhetoric. In high school, my teachers never really went over any of this, so I was not very knowledgeable on the topic, but I feel as if now, I could use them to my advantage. The visual essay helped me understand the importance visuals can bring to a written story. Making a short film to speak about my identity brought to life my words in a way I never thought possible; it made me want to revisit every short story I’ve ever written or read and make a film based on it.  

• What have you learned about yourself as a writer?  Were there any assignments that helped shape your own view as a writer and an individual?

I have learned that my love for writing lies beyond the classroom; it lies in the writing room. This class gave me the courage and confidence in my writing to begin writing and sending my scripts out to people. Last semester the thought of showing anyone at Chapman a script I wrote would have sent me in a spiral. But now? I feel as if I could send those scripts to the head of Dodge and be ready for criticism. There is always room for improvement, but understanding that I could do this was a massive leap for me, and writing in this class showed me that.


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